TPPB Directors

HigginbottomTed Higginbottom

Seminole, Texas


Ted Higginbottom farms 125 acres of peanuts in Seminole, Texas. He has been farming for 38 years and is a third-generation farmer. Higginbottom says he chose farming because agriculture is the only subject that has truly interested him.

“I started farming in high school and continued from there,” Higginbottom says. “Agriculture has always been my first love.”

Higginbottom became a director of TPPB 32 years ago. He says when he first joined he did not see the full significance of the board and through all of his experience he has come to learn the real meaning of TPPB.

“All of the board members who have served have had the farmer’s best interests at heart,” Higginbottom says. “I have seen where the dollars help and how the researchers are using the money wisely to promote Texas peanuts.”

In addition to building relationships with peanut producers, Higginbottom explains that maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with the candy manufacturers and other peanut buyers is just as important for the Board.

“We were able to tour the M&M Mars factory once and were introduced to the company’s quality control personnel,” Higginbottom says. “We spent a day having conversations about how each side could help the other by communicating directly.”

Along with being a director of TPPB, Higginbottom serves on the board of directors for American Association of Crop Insurers in Washington, D.C. He also owns and operates an insurance agency, which specializes in crop insurance for farmers.

Higginbottom adds that agriculture as a whole should present more efficient public relations material to the consuming public. He also says it is important for consumers to know that farmers are feeding their own families the products they grow on their farms.

Aside from TPPB, Higginbottom and his wife Tracy have four daughters: Amanda, 35, who has two daughters; Andrea, 32, who has two sons; Chelsea, 23, who is a senior in college at University of North Texas; and Brittni, 19, a sophomore at Blinn College.


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